Interview med Greg Edwards (Autolux)


Autolux er en amerikansk trio bestående af Greg Edwards (guitar, sang), Eugene Goreshter (bas, sang) og Carla Azar (trommer, sang). Medlemmerne kommer fra bands, som alle har været lige på randen af det store gennembrud, men som efterfølgende blev opløst, henholdvis Failure, Maids of Gravity og Ednaswap. Autolux er baseret omkring den alternative rock scene i Los Angeles området. Efter flere tovtrækkerier med pladeselskaber udgiver bandet nu deres debutalbum, Future Perfect, på DMZ Records. Interviewet blev ført over email, og spørgsmålene er besvaret af Greg Edwards.

1. What is the history of your band? How and when did Autolux initially form? What were your previous relations prior to forming the band?

I met Carla when our previous bands (Failure and Ednaswap) were touring together. We instantly felt a musical sympathy with each other and luckily soon thereafter both our bands dissolved in various ways and we were free to begin Autolux with Eugene.

2. What are the bands primary influences? Which bands or persons have had an influence on your music?

It's always difficult to specify influence because it seems to come from just about everywhere. There are a lot of musicians and bands that we admire, but I think we are probably happier, at least consciously, to be influenced by non-musical sources. For instance, Carla is very inspired by humor like Peter Sellers or household cats or quick bizarre drawings she does just to crack herself up (like a manic, happy personification of death offering an ice cream cone to a girl with a head wound). This actually makes a lot of sense because when something makes you laugh spontaneously and takes you off guard it is very similar to the sensation when you are writing a song and something genuine happens. All of a sudden a perfect solution presents itself. But just like good humor it is never an obvious solution. Anyway, there are a lot of non-musical parallels like this that inspire us as much, if not more than other music.

3. How would you describe your music and your debut record, Future Perfect?

I couldn't do that.

4. How was the first Demo written and recorded? On the cover of the cd, it states that it was recorded on 8-track in your rehearsal space, could you tell a bit more about the recording and writing process?

It was an 8 track ADAT machine. Recording those demos was just part of the natural course of our song writing. At a certain point we use recording to really concentrate on lyrics and the overall texture and density that is appropriate for a given song. The way an instrument sounds has always been as important to us as a chord change or a musical part. By the same token, the sound of the vocal in the music is as important as what is being sung.

5. How many songs have you approximately written and how many of those have been recorded for either demos or the album?

The demo has 5 songs. The album has 11. Two of the songs on the demo are not on the album. One of the songs on the demo was recorded again as an alternate version. We have a lot of top-secret new ideas too.

6. What were your initial expectations when the Demo was first released? Has the positive response from fans and reviewers changed the way you work with your music?

The demo was really only for ourselves (which is always the best idea) so it was a nice surprise that people liked it. The expectations on the album are much bigger, but I don't think either situation has changed how we operate.

7. How do you write songs? Do you write together as a trio or in pairs or do you sit down on a nice occasion and bring your personal ideas to the table?

All of the above, really.

8. How has it been working with T-Bone Burnett and DMZ Records?

T-Bone's enthusiasm is like a force of nature. He likes to be part of history and so do we, so it worked out well.

9. The release of Future Perfect has been delayed a couple of times and the songs have been out for a couple for years, have you started writing new material and will you use some of your older songs such as Future Perfect, Underorbit, 23 Watt Apple Juice for a second album?

We are writing all the time. If an older song really seemed to fit or complete a new group of songs it's possible we would include it, but we would rather write something new.

10. What equipment do you use live? Instruments, effects, amps?

It's a secret and also very boring.

11. The lyrics seem to be an important part of your music, what do the lyrics mean?

I don't know how to answer that. They definitely don't have exact meanings I could summarize here.

12. Your music changes between many different moods, some of them are very trippy and trancelike, what do you connect with these particular elements of your music?

The more a song alters our minds, the happier we are playing it again and again. If the mood is not deep you might as well shoot yourself.

13. Where does the name Autolux originate from?

Carla and Eugene came up with it. Really it's just a name. You have to call yourself something.

14. Will Autolux do a tour in Europe during the next year and if so which countries would you play in?

Yes, hopefully. We will play anywhere that will have us.

15. Now that Future Perfect has finally been released, what are you goals now? To conquer the world?

Yes. That and clean up my house.

16. What can we expect from Autolux in the future? A new album, EP or perhaps a tour of the world?

All three, I think.